Trust in Circulator

When it comes to email marketing security, there is no end to our work. We work directly with our customers to ensure best of breed security and protection.

Data Security

Processes and systems necessary to develop, operate, and maintain Circulator’s application comply with globally recognised best practices and regulations for data security and privacy. Our platform is trusted and used by companies where data security & privacy is a priority.

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ISO27001 Certification

Circulator is committed to information security and maintains certification to ISO 27001 the International Standard for Information Security Management. This covers requirements for information security management systems, providing a systematic approach to managing sensitive company information so that it remains secure. It includes people, processes and IT systems by applying a risk management process.

Security Monitoring

Both Circulator and our datacentre security team monitors internal and external security events and implements corrective actions. All systems access are logged and tracked for auditing purposes. Application access & data logs are collected and analysed according to our security procedures.

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Platform Protection

Every software release is tested by QA and security teams for full scope of OWASP security risks. Our web login page and API protects against brute force attacks. Application access rights are configurable to your needs and can be managed by your administrator, Circulator has 7 different levels of access rights. Application vulnerability threat assessments and penetration testing are carried out on a regular basis.

Technology Infrastructure

Our technology is securely hosted at top-tier data centres. Our in-house technical support team ensure that it stays up and running 24/7, providing 100% uptime to our customers. Both Circulator and our datacentre security team monitors internal and external security events and implements corrective actions.

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Encryption and authentication

We use a range of industry standard encryption and authentication techniques to protect data as it traverses our systems.

Two Step Authentication (2FA)

As part of our commitment to protecting our customer’s data and continually striving to be the best in class, we have implementing 2FA. This additional security measure immediately neutralises the risks associated with compromised passwords. 2FA is a security system that will require two separate, distinct forms of identification to access Circulator’s application.