Why is email deliverability so important?

A clean, well maintained and engaged audience will lead to a strong sender reputation which is the key ingredient to email marketing deliverability

Building a strong sender reputation for our customers

Our clients rely on their emails being delivered to the intended inbox. Circulator offers best of breed email architecture and hardware for high performance delivery straight to the inbox.

We use advanced mail stream processing, Granular Delivery, Multiple MTA Technology integrated with all mediums of email authentication. Circulator provides monitoring of: SPF, DKIM, DMARC, FBL’s and Real-Time Bounce Processing within our software.

Your infrastructure covered

Let Circulator provide a tailored infrastructure for your business:

  • IP address optimisation for your requirements
  • Dedicated IPs where applicable and a necessity
  • IP Warmup
  • Major ISP feedback loops
  • Automatic spam removal from subscriber groups

Authenticating your emails

We will ensure you are always putting your best foot forward with:

  • Use of SPF and DKIM to prevent phishing and spoofing
  • Implementing DMARC records
  • Providing dedicated IP address with reverse DNS
  • Using branded links to improve trust and deliverability
  • Domain and sub-domain configuration

Excellent Sender Reputation

Our software and team will support you on an ongoing basis to:

  • Monitored reputation score
  • Manage bounces
  • Implement clean list habits
  • Purge unnecessary data
  • Blacklist monitoring of your domain and IP

How we ensure 99% email deliverabilty rates for our customers

Bounce Processing
Circulator use a custom built Bounce Processor along with PowerMTA built in Feedback Loop Processor that will identify in real time hard and soft bounces and will classify 20 different categories. Hard Bounces are removed in real time ensuring continual list hygiene; soft bounces are quarantined in reporting for later analysis. If there is one maintenance task that will ensure successful email deliverability it’s paying close attention to your bounce logs.
Blacklist Monitoring
Circulator is one of few ESP’s that can offer Real-Time SMTP, Email Gateway Reputation Monitoring. Our Sending IP’s are monitored 24×7 against over 400 known Blacklists if an IP is added to a list our engineers are notified immediately.
Circulator publishes an SPF record for all our sending IP’s and customers. An SPF-protected domain is less attractive as a spoofed address, it is less likely to be blacklisted it protects reputation and ultimately result in higher inbox placement.
Seed Data
Before any email campaign is sent due diligence must prevail in order to ensure successful email delivery. But what is Seed Data? Seed Data allows Circulator insight into how your campaigns are treated and perceived at the receiving ISP. Circulators Account Managers and Support Staff can pre send your Campaign to hundreds of ISP inbox’s. Within a certain level of approximation Circulator Engineers and Account managers know if your email will hit the inbox or SPAM folder prior to sending.
Technically Circulator’s systems can deliver 1 million emails in 45 minutes but from time to time major ISP’s postpose or slow down the speed of delivery. Our IT systems are intuitive to these requests and work in conjunction with the ISP’s to ensure emails from you are successfully delivered and you are never permanently blocked.
DKIM is a digital signature used by Circulator for all of our customers and sending domains. It adds another level of authentication on your email builds credibility and improves sending reputation getting emails to the inbox faster.
Feedback Loops
A FBL is an agreement between the sender (Circulator) and the recipient (ISP). If a subscriber complains about an email they received (marked as SPAM), Circulator will automatically unsubscribe the user from future email campaigns. By unsubscribing users who complain, marketers reduce their overall complaint rate per IP or domain, ensuring that targeted mail is much more likely to reach subscribers who actually want to receive it.
Dedicated IP / IP Pool's
Whether you are sending Transactional Email or Marketing Email Circulator will have a bespoke configuration to suit your needs. With dedicated IP’s, Domain Name System Configuration and IP Pools and multiple MTA’s Circulator have more than enough solutions to ensure continued successful delivery to the inbox.
DMARC is a relatively new security framework for email senders and receivers that standardises how to directly check authenticity of email and the domain level, it provides greater insight to how your sending email is perceived at ISP’s


“Circulator has helped us improve our data management by implementing multiple data integrations with various elements of our business. By streamlining our data processes we have now minimised risk whilst allowing our team access up to date customer data allowing us to react much quicker for key events that Premier Sports are broadcasting.”
Shane Hogan


“Having Circulator integrated with our back office systems minimises risk with data handling and ensures we are compliant with GDPR standards. Circulator being ISO27001 certified give us great comfort and confidence in them as a technology partner”
Bernard Swierczyna


“Internal admin processes that used to take the team days now take hours with the help of Circulator. By automating these processes, we have reduced our cost-to-serve and my team is more productive with their time. We also get full visibility on how our customers are engaging with our communications”
Clare McDonagh