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Let us help you overcome your organisations unique challenges and sure your team do its best in email marketing and succeed like never before.

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Email Marketing for Publishers

Build a monetizable database

Build a monetizable database by driving increased opt in across all platforms.

Segment your audience

Segment your audience based on their interests and previous behaviours like topics they’re most involved in and content they’ve engaged with.

Increase engagement

Acquire subscribers and develop an engaged audience. Use your rich content to improve website traffic and drive subscriptions.



Use Circulator’s email marketing tools for agencies

Manage multiple clients

Email marketing services for multiple clients from a single account.

Maintain brand integrity

Maintain brand integrity for your customers with design features to ensure conformity across brand guidelines.

Detailed insights for clients

Indepth insights for clients with the ability for your agency to easily share analytics, results and content.


Reduce your cost-to-serve and improve your customer experience

Automate the burden of policy administration

Automate the burden of policy administration by using email for renewals, payments, policy changes etc.

Convert quotes to customers

Email marketing for insurance companies helps convert quotes to customers with retargeting communications based on real-time analysis of your customer’s behaviour.

Increase the Lifetime Value of your customers

Increase the Lifetime Value of your customers by upselling with targeted and engaging content based on previous customer behaviours.


Bernard Swierczyna, Chief Information Security Officer, First Ireland

"Having Circulator integrated with our back office systems minimises risk with data handling and ensures we are compliant with GDPR standards. Circulator being ISO27001 certified give us great comfort and confidence in them as a technology partner"


Increase the lifetime value of your customers

Convert visitors into customers

Convert visitors into customers by capturing contact details and following up with relevant messages and offerings.

Recover lost sales

Recover lost sales by targeting customers that abandoned shopping carts.

Build loyalty by engaging

Build loyalty by engaging directly with personalised content from your brand.


Why is email marketing important to retailers?

Increase store footfall

Increase store footfall by targeting the right segments with the right message at the right time.

Drive omni-channel sales

Drive omni-channel sales with sign-up solutions for online and offline, click and collect and rewards programmes.

Segment by location

Segment by location with tailored campaigns and exclusive in-store invites for customers in the right area.

membership bodies


Have confidence in data security whilst communicate effectively with your members

Grow membership

Grow membership with lead collection online and offline, automate personalised communications and produce engaging content.

Communicate effectively across all channel

Communicate effectively across all channel for statutory, transactional and marketing messaging.

Keep data secure and be GDPR compliant

Keep data secure and be GDPR compliant with our protected storage, controlled access and ISO 27001 accreditation.