Applied system partnership

Helping Insurance Brokers to increase revenue

A digital customer communications platform providing SMS and Email marketing for insurance companies
Brands that rely on Circulator to scale their business
Liberty Insurance
Irish Health Life
KennCo Insurance
SV Insurance
MBC Insurance
FirstIreland Insurance

Circulator and Applied Systems have joined forces

Empowering Brokers To Grow Their Business Through Automation

The partnership will help transform and automate the way you communicate with your customers and maximise the opportunities that digital can bring to your business. Circulator has created an Automated Digital Customer Communications Platform that will empower Insurance Brokers to grow their business in a rapidly changing and highly competitive market.

Increase Sales & Build
Customer Loyalty

We have integrated our systems to capture the rich customer data collected via Applied Systems and use it to create automated, personalised and engaging digital communications for each stage of the customer lifecycle; all delivered from Circulator’s digital customer communications platform.


Let Circulator do the work

Drive Revenue
Serve customers more effectively with relevant and personal experiences that increase customer acquisition and maximise cross and upsell opportunities.
Reduce Costs
Cost-to-serve is drastically reduced by implementing automated business processes and having data readily available for pre-defined communications.
Build Loyalty
Build long-term loyalty and develop customer relationships based on value and trust. Improve retention rate and increase multi-policy customers.

A communications platform to address Broker’s needs

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Quote Notification
New Business Chase
Cross Sell
Early Renewal Nurture
NTUs & Winback
Customer Lifecycle
Email & SMS


Missed DDs
MTA Notifications
Early Settlement
Pay for change
Payment Confirmations


Account Registration
Online Assistance
Reset Password
Password confirmation
Automate out-bounding
Delivery & Traceability
Sales Agent Notifications


Increase revenue
Reduce Costs
Improve Retention
Increase Multi-policies


Analytic Dashboard
Customer Engagement
GA Integration
Online Conversions

Account Mgmt.

Monthly Calls
Quarterly reviews
Year End Strategy
Agreed KPIs
Support Team

ISO27001 Certification

Circulator is committed to information security and maintains certification to ISO 27001 the International Standard for Information Security Management. This covers requirements for information security management systems, providing a systematic approach to managing sensitive company information so that it remains secure. It includes people, processes and IT systems by applying a risk management process.


Circulator’s expertise helping brokers and insurance companies

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Project Management

Circulator will fully manage the project and implementation with Applied Systems.

Integrated & Automated

Data will be automated & integrated between Applied & Circulator applications.

Improved Communications

Improved communications with better segmentation, personalisation, relevancy and timing.

Utilise Rich Data

Ability to mine and utilise rich data being collected by both systems.

Drive Greater Sales

Designed to drive greater sales and marketing automation for Brokers.

Powerful Analytics

Allowing Brokers to understand how their customers are engaging with automated communications.

Improved Efficiencies

Enhancing and improving manual processes with Circulator’s process automation.

Lead Generation

Using Customer engagement analytics to assist the sales agents with warm lead generation.

Digital Communications

Digitise all customer communications using email and sms driven by customer behaviour.

Typical Business Problems

We are losing potential new business as we can't get to follow up all new leads.
Circulator's Solution
–  Create new digital lead chase communications.
–  Automate the lead follow up process.
–  Create sequence of personalised emails / sms.
–  Quick quote and full quote notifications for sales.

Benefits for Brokers
–  Improving new business acquisition and increasing sales.
–  Higher conversion rate and return on marketing investment
We are not proactively trying to win back past customers.
Circulator's Solution
–  Automate chase cycles for quote NTUs.
–  Create sequence of personalised emails / sms for past customers.

Benefits for Brokers
–  Win back previously lost customers.
–  Free up sales to focus on new business.
We are losing customers to our competitors at renewal time.
Circulator's Solution
– Improve and automate the renewal process
– Introduce early renewal nurturing emails / sms
– Increase digital communications throughout.

Benefits for Brokers
–  Higher customer retention and increased lifetime value.
– Reduced marketing and new business acquisition costs.
We are losing customers due to poor service or lack of personal contact.
Circulator's Solution
– Customer lifecycle optimisation.
– End to end customer journey mapping.
– Automated and personalised emails / sms at each stage.

Benefits for Brokers
– Provide a better customer experience.
– Increase brand loyalty and customer retention.
– Increase referrals.
We are not maximising revenue from our existing customers, they have other policies with our competitors.
Circulator's Solution
– Automated cross sell / up sell communications.
– Use leads report to sell new products to existing customers.

Benefits for Brokers
– Increase customer lifetime value and revenue.
– Reduce sales and marketing costs.
We are spending a lot of time and money chasing payments and missed direct debits.
Circulator's Solution
– Automated credit control process.
– Automated credit control communications including notifications and reminders.

Benefits for Brokers
– Reduce internal staff resources.
– Improve cash flow position.
Our call centre sales staff are spending a lot of time cold calling with limited ROI.
Circulator's Solution
– Call centre agent notification.
– Generate warmer lead lists from potential, past and existing customers.

Benefits for Brokers
– Prioritise outbound sales activities.
– Improve return from call centre costs.
We are spending a huge amount of time and resources on basic admin tasks and paperwork.
Circulator's Solution
– Easy management of data upload and download tasks.
– Manage and automate all outbound activities from one system.

Benefits for Brokers
– Reduce staff time resources.
– Redeploy to customer service and sales.

Automate All Customer Communications

Our platform will automate and personalise digital customer communications at each stage of the customer lifecycle, optimising the customer experience and improving customer retention.
Automate All Customer Communications


“Internal admin processes that used to take the team days now take hours with the help of Circulator. By automating these processes, we have reduced our cost-to-serve and my team is more productive with their time. We also get full visibility on how our customers are engaging with our communications”
Clare McDonagh


“Before we started working with Circulator, sending receipts was cumbersome and draining on resources. Circulator has provided us with an automated solution which integrates our data and digitally sends customer receipts on a daily basis. We are on a journey with Circulator to digitise our business”
Brian McMahon


“We rely heavily on Circulator for high volume and quick turnaround SMS communications. We use their SMS application to send renewals, quote chasers, win back, lapsed and localised communications. Circulator is a key partner is driving both online and offline sales for us”
Brian Butterly