Liberty Insurance

Driving up gross written premiums, driving down cost to serve while dramatically improving the customer experience


Automation, Integration, Production, Strategy, Customisation
Paul O’Shea
/ Head of Online

Liberty Insurance Ireland is part of the Boston based Liberty Mutual Holding Company (LMHC), the head of the Liberty Mutual Insurance family. LMHC, is a trusted global insurer and fourth largest property and casualty insurer in the US, ranked 75th on the Fortune 100 list.


The challenge

Prior to working with Circulator, Liberty Insurance was sending their quote notification emails from their backend system. This was extremely restrictive as they did not have the ability to make content changes, emails were not mobile compatiable, there was no deliverability management, and no analytics were in place in terms of engagement levels.

Liberty Insurance was still using paper and old cumbersome systems to send out any policy related notifications to their customers. They wanted to have visiblity as to how their customers were engaging with their brand but also to be able to react accordingly.

How we did it

Data risk and security analysis
Chase automation with cross sell functionality
Multi-system integrations to allow for automation
Review and redesign of production processes
Implement a reliable solution for compliance
Automate administrative communications

Paul O’Shea, Head Of Online, Liberty Insurance

"We’ve developed a great working relationship with Circulator, who excel at delivering realtime professional services. Circulator are a fully focused email company who bring a hugh amount of specific knowledge to the table - they also keep us up to date with the ever-changing trends in the Email space.”


Liberty Insurance’s back office communications are now being automated through Circulator’s application (forgot password, account registration, missed direct debits, payment and renewal reminders etc.) In addition, all communications are now fully trackable, which allows Liberty to know if someone received the email, read it or if it bounces.

With this knowledge, Liberty can decide on what’s the next best action to take with a particular customer. 37% of sales across the call centre and online are infuenced by the email a customer receives. Liberty has also enjoyed cost savings resulting from the move from paper mail to email.


Deliverabilty rates


Increase in quotes


Increase in open rates


Increase in motor sales

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