Circulator has helped Kaliedy drive a 42% increase in online sales and improve customer engagement


Personalisation, Automation, Integration, Customer Lifecycle, Personas
Ben Ward
/ Head of Digital

Kaliedy is a new Irish online baby nursery and toy business where busy parents and families can shop for baby essentials, nursery items, toys, and books.


The challenge

Kaliedy uses email to stay in touch with its customers, and it wanted a way to test and execute against parameters like frequency, timing, and subject matter for every customer segment. Previously it had no way of performing systematic checks on the effectiveness of its email content.

They wanted to automate the customer’s pregnancy lifecycle whilst having the capabilities to drill down into their data to get a deeper analysis of customer engagement and behaviour through opens, click-throughs and conversions. Kaliedy needed a better way to gain an insight into its customers, to be able to improve the in-store experience. Its chosen partner would have to integrate with not just Kaliedy’s own systems but with third-party applications. Kaliedy need a solution to be able to manage customer data in a secure and compliant way.

How we did it

Kooomo integration
Data mining and analysis from various sources
Dynamic creation of customer personas and silos from static data
Customer lifecycle automation
Personalised communications based on customer spending behaviour
Revenue generated from personalised ads within emails

Ben Ward, Head of Digital

“With help from Circulator, we’ve been able to generate sales from our existing customer base that would otherwise have been lost. Since implementing lifecycle automation, we have seen a lift in user engagement and incremental sales. We are now more efficient with our processes and delighted to be providing more relevant and personalised content to our valued customers. In today’s world, with so much technology, it's great to find a partner you can really rely on, the team know our solution inside out. The service and support offered by Circulator is excellent.”


Kaliedy now sends automated, effective and timely personalised emails based on pregnancy lifecycles, customer behaviour and customer spending habits. Circulator’s Professional Services Team routinely delivers a huge volume of campaigns which have become central to Kaliedy’s advertising and marketing strategy. Circulator has also helped Kaliedy to lower operational cost of data management whilst providing assured best-practice data security and compliance.


Growth in online email revenue


Increase in click through rates


Increase in open rates

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